Cultural goods

Export and import of cultural goods

Cultural goods may be taken out of the country only temporarily and they may be exported / or imported into the Republic of Croatia only upon submission of a permit or certificate of the competent authority.
• Temporary exports of cultural goods outside the territory of the Republic of Croatia to third countries shall be subject to the presentation of a license for the export of cultural goods.
• Temporary exports of cultural goods to EU member states shall be subject to the presentation of an export permit for cultural goods
• For the import / export of the said goods in the Republic of Croatia, the traveller (a foreign or a Croatian citizen) must possess the appropriate permit from the competent state authority of the country from which the goods are exported.
For goods that are not cultural goods, but may cause doubts due to their characteristics, at the request of the person who intends to export them from the country, the competent authority may issue a document confirming that they are not cultural goods and that therefore no obstructions for the export of the said goods from the Republic of Croatia should occur.
The competent authority in the Republic of Croatia is the Conservation Department of the Ministry of Culture in the area where the cultural goods belong to, and for the City of Zagreb, the competent authority is the City Office for the Protection of Cultural and Natural Monuments.