Bringing in medicine and narcotics

Bringing in prepared medicine for the personal needs of passengers is possible only in the quantities necessary for treatment for a maximum of one month (with the condition that it was approved by the competent bodies of the manufacturer’s country), along with the appropriate medical documentation (history of illness, physician’s certificate).

Bringing in medicine which contains narcotics, also for the personal needs of passengers, is possible in quantities necessary for treatment for a maximum of 5 days, also along with medical documentation which demonstrates the necessity of taking the respective medicine (copies of prescriptions for the medicine, transcripts of history of illness or certified physician's certificate). If the passenger is a person in addiction substitution therapy or under treatment for malignant diseases, the allowed quantity of the medicine may be for 15 days of personal use.

As an exception, persons who are domiciled in or are residents of the Republic of Croatia, traveling to countries of the Schengen area, may possess medicine that contains a narcotic in the quantity necessary for personal use for a maximum of 30 days on the basis of a certificate issued by an authorized physician on a prescribed form (chosen doctor of medicine or specialist doctor of medicine).