A word from the Director

Dear visitors,

Welcome to the website of the Ministry of Finance – Customs Administration, which provides you with the topics and associated documents relevant for the entire scope of operation of the Customs Administration, presented in a simple and a user-friendly way.  

In today’s computerised and electronically advanced society which is developing faster than we can even imagine, complex systems such as customs, excise duty and supervisory operations conducted by the Customs Administration are also adapting and becoming an integral part of modern technological communication tools.

The Customs Administration, as an organisational unit of the Ministry of Finance, determines and charges customs and excise duties, special taxes, VAT and other prescribed public levies, carries out the prescribed measures and actions in order to provide for and protect the market and the society, and to create the best possible conditions for an efficient functioning of the Customs Union, with an efficient surveillance of the European Union’s external borders. 

Given such a wide scope of work in the field of implementing the European and national customs, excise and tax legislation, clear, timely and available information is the key to achieving strategic objectives of a modern public administration. 

A developed information technology used by the Customs Administration today, through the e-Customs concept in particular, as well as other related IT systems, including the functionality of this website, allow end users to have all the up-to-date relevant services and information available at all times. At the same time, this provides for a standardised, modern and simpler communication on the functions, competences and locations of the Customs Administration’s organisational units.

Apart from accomplishing its fiscal and protective role – by providing fast and reliable services in the context of encouraging a positive entrepreneurial environment and development of standards of availability of public e-services to residents, using the latest information technologies – the Customs Administration will also be ready to develop and adapt its operation in years to come.

Availability, transparency and quality of information through the website is an important obligation, but also a constant challenge in the continuous modernisation of the Customs Administration.

Director General of the Customs Administration
Mario Demirović