Plants and seeds

Entry of plants, seeds and planting material

The transport of plants and plant products can only be carried out through border crossings in which a phytosanitary inspection is established, unless small quantities of products are entered in passenger traffic, and when an inspection can be carried out by an ordering customs officer, so these quantities can be transported through all border crossings.

Therefore, small quantities of plants and plant products originating from European countries (including all European countries, and not only EU members) and entered by passengers in passenger transport for personal needs are not subject to phytosanitary inspection. These include the following:
  • fresh fruits and vegetables (excluding potatoes) with a total weight of up to 5 kg,
  • cut flowers and parts of plants connected in a bouquet or wreath: one bouquet or wreath,
  • seeds of flowers and vegetables in original packaging, total weight up to 100 g, not intended for sale: up to five packs,
  • bulbs and tubers of ornamental plants: total weight up to 3 kg,
  • Christmas trees without roots: one piece,
  • indoor plants and pots (excluding bonsai): up to 3 plants, and
  • balcony plants and ornamental shrubs: up to 10 plants.

When entering large quantities of plants and planting material, especially from non-European countries, an inspection by the border phytosanitary inspector, who determines further measures of dealing with these products, is mandatory.